Actually we always search ...

However, as most of the collectors, we are particularly fond of:

always provided, years twenties and thirties, good manufactures,
pieces in flawless condition...

Birds, mice, frogs, butterflies, boxes....
and please remember: white/gold!

.... and we seldom manage to say no to beautiful Art Deco figures like these....
Art Deco Figur 2 Art Deco Figur 4 Art Deco Figur 3
Animation Flasche Please send us a message, if you are in possession of one of these figures...
We would like very much to get in touch with Hutschenreuther collectors,
perhaps an exchange would be possible too...
Animation Linie

... might become difficult ...
Animation Ameise
Mohr mit Weinkaraffe The 5 Moors by Tutter,
but only in white/gold!!
We already possess 3
examples of them.
Mohr mit Fischtablett
We still need the Moor
with the bird cage
Mohr mit Obsttablett and the Moor with the geese
or so..

... We also like exhibits of the factory Fraureuth ...
very much!

Oh yes,
animal figures and ornamental
porcelain from Fraureuth make
our heart beat faster...
Dose mit zwei Mäusen als Knauf We already own this can!

In addition to these we are also looking for the Bremen Stadtmusikanten (Bremen town musicians)
in white/gold by Hutschenreuther / department of art.
So far we have only seen them colored, but we know they exist....!

Art Deco Figur 7 also beautiful! Art Deco Figur 8 and, and, and...
we are still looking for a lot of pieces!

Our house mouse shows you our attitude concerning damaged or restored pieces!
Animation Maus

We would be more than happy to hear or to read from you.


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